How to reach Skopelos

Port Connections to Skopelos

Skiathos Port is the closest to Skopelos Island. 

Skopelos Ports:

Glossa Port:

Shortest Trip from Skiathos (approx. 20-40 min) depending on ferry type: 

  • Conventional Ferry (with cars)
  • Hydrofoil (only passengers)
  • Catamaran (only passengers)

Recommended if you already have a rental car waiting for you at this port. Reaching Skopelos town by car from here is approx. 30-40 min, (32km)

Skopelos Port:

The ferry crossing is usually 45 – 90 min. 

By far the most convenient port of arrival and the closest to Villa Nina. 

Agnondas Port:

A small port on the SW part of Skopelos. 

The ferry crossing is approx. 40 – 60 min. Skopelos town is only 7 km from here. 

It’s advisable to have a rental car waiting for your arrival here.

There maybe a municipality bus and some taxis.

If you fly into Athens Airport:

Closest Port of departure for Skopelos is Mantoudi (Evia). 

There are buses departing from central Athens Bus Station, direct for Mantoudi.

Bus Duration: 2.5 hrs. 

Alternatively, if you decide to rent a car, the duration of the trip will be approx. 1.5 – 2 hrs. 

Other Ports to consider:

Glyfa Port (1.5 hrs from Athens – easier trip by car from Athens). Smaller ferry with a capacity for some cars. Only for Glossa Port. 

Agios Konstantinos Port (very close to Glyfa port above). 

Volos Port (longest distance from Athens, approx 3 hrs by rental car or 4.5 hrs by Bus from Athens).


Thessaloniki airport has seen a steady increase in incoming flights from most European destinations. 

Many travellers use this airport to arrive at Skopelos. There is a steady ferry connection from Thessaloniki port to Skopelos for the past few years. 

You can also take a bus from Thessaloniki to Volos in order to catch the next ferry leaving for Skopelos. 

It is a longer trip and usually involves an overnight stay at Volos. 

If your flight gets into Volos (Anchiallos Airport), you can use one of the airport shuttle buses (or a taxi), to get to Volos Port. 

Ferry crossing times vary depending on type of vessel. 

Usual duration: 3 – 4.5 hrs. 

Map of Greece - How to Reach Skopelos

Skiathos Port

Mantoudi Port

Agios Kon/nos Port

Glyfa Port

Thess/niki Port